The price of gold is falling on Thursday morning, the appetite of traders to risk restrains the demand for the traditionally more reliable metal, negatively affects the price of gold and the growth of yields on US government bonds, according to trading data. As of 7.26 Moscow time, the price of the August gold futures on the New York Comex stock exchange decreased by 0.16%, or by $ 2.9 – to $ 1,800.5 per troy ounce. September silver futures fell 0.07% to $ 25.238 per ounce. Risk appetite is returning to the markets, negatively affecting the value of traditionally safer assets such as gold. On Wednesday, the main US stock indexes showed an increase of 0.8-0.9%, European exchanges rose 1.4-1.9%, and Asian markets on Thursday rose within 1.8%. The rise in government bond yields is also negatively affecting the value of gold. The yield on 10-year US Treasuries on Tuesday and Wednesday climbed to 1.292% overall from 1.199%. “The precious metal may remain at around $ 1,800 amid improved risk appetite and higher yields on US government bonds, which is holding back demand for safe assets,” Oanda analysts quoted the Wall Street Journal as saying. At the same time, experts note that a slight weakening of the dollar may support prices. A cheaper dollar makes gold more readily available when purchased in a different currency. Source: PRIME