Review of ATC Brokers: A Leading Forex Trading Company

The Benefits of Trading CFDs with ATC Brokers

Forex trading is one of the most attractive choices for individuals who are looking to capital-market-an-overview/” title=”Money Market to Capital Market: An Overview”>leverage the global market and maximize their potential profits. Though retail traders may not have the capital and experience to invest in successful currency pairs, ATC Brokers provides a suite of services and products that can help individuals take their trading to the next level. ATC Brokers offer clients a range of services, including various accounts, spreads, trading applications, and other features that lead to successful and successful trading in Forex markets.

Often, retail traders are limited in terms of the number of pairs they can trade in, making it difficult for those who may be looking to capitalize on specific strategies. But the ATC broker offers 38 currency pairs, 11 CFD instruments, and 5 Cryptocurrencies, which means that traders have access to a much wider range of opportunities for their trading style. Also, customers benefit from the expertise of the ATC Brokers team who are proven traders and experienced in the industry.

How ATC Brokers’ Non-dealing Desk Execution Model Works

When a customer chooses to open an account with ATC Brokers, the firm takes advantage of a hybrid model that provides them with the best of both worlds. The execution model has the confidence of a traditional Non-Dealing desk execution model, which is capable of avoiding any interference from dealing desks and re-quotes, while still providing customers with the speed and scalability benefits of Electronic Communications Networks (ECNs). This allows for fast and accurate order executions with little risk of slippage, and customers are able to trade with the assurance that they will always get the best execution.

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Competitive Prices with ATC Brokers

At ATC Brokers, customers pay spreads that remain competitive, and often come with other advantages including access to exclusive liquidity, fast order execution, tight spreads, and better pricing. Customers get the benefit of highly competitive spreads with a host of attractive parameters, such as lower spreads, reduced trading costs, and access to personalized support. Moreover, the ATC Brokers platform also supports the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform, as well as other trading applications to cater to different market requirements.

For those who are just starting out with Forex Trading, ATC Brokers provides their customers with educational materials to help them along the way. This tips and advice comes from experienced professionals in the industry, and can be used to support the customer’s trading strategy. Finally, ATC Forex guarantees the security of their customers’ funds, with customers’ funds kept in segregated accounts and protected up to the maximum allowable amount. To gain access to further assurance, customers can also read ATC Forex Reviews to get an idea of how satisfied prior customers were with the services provided. Sentences per paragraph: 3-4
A gear towards: Risk-averse traders

ATC Brokers Review: A Summary

ATC Brokers is a multi-regulated broker that offers exceptional services and features to risk-averse traders. Its services center around providing fast and accurate trade execution, the option for scalpers to make the most of their trades, and superior customer support that can be easily accessed, whether it is through their live chat option or support number. Additionally, they are also among the few options offering A+ grade regulated security, making it a good choice for beginner traders seeking reliable resources.

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A Closer Look at ATC Brokers’ Services

ATC Brokers provides a range of services to its users, which include providing a variety of platforms for traders looking to make the most out of their trading activities. Their platforms cover multiple assets such as CFDs, forex, futures, commodities, and more. Moreover, they also provide ultra-fast trade executions, making it easy for scalpers and high-volume traders to benefit from their services.

In terms of customer service, ATC Brokers ranks among the highest in the industry. Their core support team is available 24/7 via a variety of mediums such as email, telephone, and live chat. Additionally, they also offer mobile apps which make it possible to keep track of your profits and losses on the go.

Pros and Cons of ATC Brokers

Apart from the stellar customer service and top-notch platforms, ATC Brokers also has a number of pros and cons to consider. On the plus side, the broker provides high-grade security in the form of double AA grade protection. On the downside, the fees and spreads for scalpers may be considered on the high side. Additionally, there is a minimum deposit amount of $200 USD for regular accounts, while the margin requirement for positions is steep at 1%.


In conclusion, ATC Brokers is a great choice for risk-averse traders looking to benefit from high quality trading features, such as ultra-fast trade execution and superior customer care service. Furthermore, they provide secure trading services with AA grade regulations to ensure that trades remain safe. However, traders should take into account the fees and spreads when considering the broker, as the costs may be too much for some. All in all, ATC Brokers is still one of the best options for novice traders just starting out.