Your home is the dream of many people on the planet, but not many are able to realize this dream. Or not? Today we will talk about what (real) ways are available on how to acquire your own real estate. Is it unrealistic to buy a house nowadays with a small salary? But no – really. This article explains how to do this, and there are many ways. From real and not so much. And only you can decide whether they are suitable for you or not. The question is especially relevant for forex traders and crypto miners, who often invest the bulk of their capital in trading. And in order to find worthy answers to it, we turned to experts – employees of the profile resource, specializing in this topic. This is what they said in an interview with our correspondent. Earn Yes, it’s to earn. But do not rush to find a second job, the main one may suffer from this, and then you will lose money altogether. Look for a side job. A flexible schedule that will help you combine everything and at the same time there will be additional income. Deposit This requires savings. We look at the first point, we earn, and then we deposit these savings into a bank deposit. Long, but reliable. And if you also replenish your deposit every month, then you will come closer to your dream faster. Investment Risky. Fast. But for this it is necessary to study and understand what it is and how it works. Mortgages Many banks can provide you with a mortgage. But there are some nuances here. You need an amount for the initial payment. The maturity of the mortgage is quite long. To get a mortgage, you need to prove your solvency. Nevertheless, according to our today’s interlocutors, it is a mortgage on the security of existing real estate, including those acquired within the framework of the mortgage itself, that is the most popular tool for solving the “housing issue” among our compatriots. Help from the state If you are a young family without your own home, study your rights. The state offers various programs for the provision of their own housing, in this case at home. Maternity Capital Use maternity capital to build or buy your home. Also, maternity capital can be used to pay off the mortgage. And yes, you can only buy domestic real estate. Take out a lease This is the same lease, but with slightly different features. To do this, you need to contact the leasing company with information about the property that interests you. The company will assess the risks and either refuse or agree to buy out the house. If the company buys housing, then a lease agreement is concluded with you. Monthly rent payments will include the part that will go towards home buyback. Installment plan from the developer. This option is an alternative to a mortgage. The repayment period is minimal, so the monthly payment is much higher than for a mortgage. But there is no interest. Which is a definite plus. But you have to work hard to find a company that will agree to such a payment format. Collateral The bank has collateralized real estate, which they are gradually selling off in order to get their money back. The cost of such real estate is an order of magnitude lower than their real value. Rent There are pensioners you know who need care? Enter into an annuity agreement. You provide them with care, and they, in turn, transfer their property to your ownership. Don’t buy a house Don’t leave dreams of buying a house? Buy a room, an apartment. Make money on it, sell and buy a house. “The main thing is to set a goal for yourself, and the means will be found” – our interlocutors summarize their story and it is difficult to disagree with this.