“You can’t understand Russia with your mind …” is an absolutely topical proverb about Russian citizens who have shown an incredible interest in the KoviVac vaccine. It is worth starting with the fact that this is the 4th vaccine permitted in the territory of the Russian Federation. The current situation with the compulsory vaccination of certain segments of the population has entailed a natural increase in those wishing to receive their portion of the medicine, and with it the coveted “covid passport” and QR code. But most of the fresh applicants showed interest in the KoviVac vaccine, produced in a world-renowned laboratory, which supplies most of the effective vaccines against very many diseases not only in Russia, but all over the world. Since 1957, they have been conducting research and development in the field of virology, are today the first and only manufacturer of “live” vaccines against poliomyelitis, which are in demand not only in Russia, but also in other countries, there are more than 60 of them. Researchers work according to a well-established scheme, which considered outdated, but as effective as possible. The center is credited with developing vaccines against rabies, fever and tick-borne encephalitis. This laboratory is not only a developer, but a world-renowned manufacturer. The CoviVac vaccine, developed by scientists at the Chumakov Center, is an inactive COVID-19 virus. Most effective vaccines follow the same principle, for example, vaccinations against plague, typhoid, or cholera. It is worth noting that KoviVak successfully passed 2 stages of testing, but a full-fledged study was not carried out, the effectiveness of the remedy has not been proven, although it has not been refuted. Scientists believe that the proven method of treatment will be effective in this case. In simple words, a virus is introduced into the body that does not infect it, but the body reacts to foreign cells. Thus, it turns out, a kind of immunity, as if the patient has already had a virus. Compared with other vaccines, the drug reacts only to the protein part of the viral cells, while CoviVac activates the system of protective functions of the body, reacting to all its parts. subject to publication and discussion among physicians and scientists, so far there is not a single published work from the Chumakov research laboratory, although the employees claim that there are works and they have already been sent for publication. It follows from the laboratory research that after the least studied vaccination, made according to the most tested technologies and working schemes, side effects are either very insignificant or completely absent. That is why the inhabitants of the country began to look for vaccination centers in which they can deliver exactly KoviVac, although it should be noted that other vaccines are supplied at this time with a delay and, in principle, there are no drugs. enough for everyone, but that put KoviVak, which is already in short supply and the conversation is not going on. Although those who are looking will always find, through their acquaintances and relatives, citizens not only sign up for vaccinations, but also advertise them. There is more and more information that it can be given with contraindications, patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women and even children. Although whether the 4th vaccine is so harmless to all segments of the population and whether it carries properties that can prevent the disease is not yet known. But between the first and second injection, only 14 days should pass, instead of 21, as is the case with other vaccines, it may be that those who wish show interest for this very reason, while also remains a mystery.