A Comprehensive Review of Scandinavian Capital Markets

Scandinavian‌ Capital Markets: Overview

Scandinavian Capital​ Markets (SCM) is a reputed online ‌Forex/CFD broker that​ offers its services ⁤to traders across the globe. Owned and‍ operated by a holding company ‌located in ⁤Sweden, ​SCM is‌ licensed and​ regulated by the Vanuatu Financial⁤ Services Commission. With low spreads, reliable execution and several⁣ other‍ imminent facilities, it has successfully earned the trust of over 15,000⁢ traders.

Account Types

SCM has tailored its account types to suit​ the needs of every type of trader. Whether you are a⁣ complete beginner ⁤or have been trading for quite some time, you will find an account type ‍that is perfect for you. Traders ‌can choose from the ⁢ Classic, Pro and Prime account⁣ types ⁢with no minimum deposits ⁢required. Each account‌ type offers specific⁢ features​ such as market⁢ news‌ & analysis, 24/5 customer support, leverage of up to ⁣1:500, free⁤ VPS and more. ⁣

Trading Platforms

SCM’s ⁣first‍ priority has⁢ always been‌ to offer‍ the most‍ secure environment⁣ for trading⁣ and as‌ part of ⁤that, the‌ broker offers a‌ wide range ‌of⁣ secure, intuitive and powerful trading platforms. Traders can ⁣access‍ a choice of two platforms – the most ‌popular MetaTrader 4 and‍ the WebTrader ​platform,‍ which is‍ ideal⁤ for those who prefer to trade in⁢ their web-browser rather than ​having to install any desktop ⁢software. Both ⁤platforms are available ⁤for both IOS and​ Android devices,​ as well ​as via ⁤desktop ⁤browser.

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Trading Instruments

SCM offers traders access to some⁢ of the most popular financial ‌instruments such as⁤ currencies, indices, stocks, cryptocurrency⁢ and ⁣commodities⁢ so they can create the​ perfect diversified portfolio. The broker also provides access to more than 100 Forex pairs, as well as options for the tightest ‍spreads and fast execution times.

Payment ‌Options

SCM provides traders with​ several payment options,⁢ so they can⁤ easily manage their​ accounts in ⁣the most convenient way. Deposits and withdrawals are ‌possible through⁢ currencies such as Euro, ​Pound Sterling, US Dollars and many more.⁣ SCM also ⁤offers a wide ⁤range of payment methods, such as bank transfer, credit/debit cards, ​e-wallets and ⁤more.

Customer Support

SCM has superb ‍customer support⁢ with dedicated ​teams available around the clock to help traders with‍ their queries. With a response time of ⁤just a few minutes, customers can‌ get in touch ⁣with SCM’s team ​via the telephone,⁣ email or live ⁣chat.‌ SCM also offers ‌several educational resources, trading tools and customer ⁢support in multiple languages,‌ including English, French, Spanish and German.


Scandinavian ‍Capital Markets is a​ highly respected and reliable ⁣broker for​ both ‌beginner and experienced traders. It offers low spreads, a wide range of financial instruments, powerful‌ trading ​platforms and ‌a variety⁢ of payment options. With an experienced and professional ‍customer support team available round the clock, traders ‌can⁤ get assistance whenever they need it. Overall, SCM​ is a⁤ reliable​ and trustworthy broker that⁣ provides great services for traders.

Scandinavian Capital Markets: An Overview

Scandinavian Capital Markets is a broker with higher-than-average risk and a TU Overall Score of 3.4 out of ‌10. As a broker ⁢based in the EU, they claim to hold customer funds in ‌top-tier EU banks and nop charges ⁢on⁤ withdrawals. They​ provide ⁣traders with access to a variety of trading ​opportunities and ⁤leverages through trading ​on the STP-ECN platform.

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Scandinavian ‌Capital Markets works with a⁤ variety of instruments⁢ and allows ‌access to many global markets.​ They offer trading services such as stocks, indices, commodities, currencies,⁢ and more. ‍The company also ⁤provides educational ‍material and customer support ⁣in⁤ the ‌form of​ their knowledge base and customer⁣ service team.

Scandinavian⁢ Capital Markets Fees and Limits

Scandinavian Capital ⁤Markets ⁢does ‌not‌ charge⁢ any ⁤fees for withdrawals​ or ⁣deposits. They also claim that all ‌deposits and withdrawals are free ​of charge.⁣ However, ⁤the⁤ company does take⁢ a commission,⁤ which varies⁢ depending on the⁢ instrument traded and the ⁢market hours during which⁤ the trade​ is ‍made. The company also‍ has‍ a minimum deposit⁢ of 250 ‌EUR in order to ‍start⁤ trading.

Scandinavian Capital Markets ⁤Platforms and Social Trading

Scandinavian ‍Capital Markets offers access to the STP-ECN ⁣platform. Through this platform, users‌ can trade a variety​ of‌ instruments ⁢and‍ markets, including ⁢Forex, stocks, indices, metals, ​and‌ more. The platform also allows​ social trading, meaning that traders ‌can copy the trading‌ strategies of other traders. The platform supports both manual and ⁢algorithmic​ trading strategies and is suitable for both experienced⁤ and‍ novice traders.

The ‌company⁤ also offers access to mobile trading, ​allowing⁢ traders to access ⁣the markets from ⁢wherever ⁤they are. The mobile platform allows users to‌ check their ‍positions and open ‌new orders or ⁢manage existing ones.


Scandinavian Capital Markets is a broker with⁣ higher-than-average risk and a TU⁣ Overall Score‌ of 3.4‍ out of 10. ⁤They ⁤offer access to a ​variety of trading opportunities, provided ‍users ‌understand the risks involved. Their STP-ECN ‌platform offers access‌ to multiple Instruments and markets, and it​ also supports social​ trading. In terms of fees⁤ and⁢ limits, the‍ company⁤ does ⁣not⁣ charge any fees on withdrawals and deposits,⁣ and⁤ has a minimum deposit of 250 ⁢EUR.