How to open a sub-account on the Bybit exchange

How-to-Create-A-Sub-Account-on-ByBitWhen trading on the ByBit cryptocurrency exchange, it is very often necessary to separate accounts in order to be able to install different robots on different accounts so that they do not overlap and each has its own trading balance. There is also a need, for example, to trade manually on one account, to put a robot on another, etc.

But in order not to register another account and meet the verification problem for another person, it’s easier inside your account on the exchange ByBit open several Subaccounts.

In this article, we’ll show you how to do it!

Open a Sub-account on the ByBit exchange

Go to your personal account on the website of the OKX exchange


In your ByBit account, in the menu at the top right, click on man icon bybit-person-icon and on the tab that opens, select the item “Subaccounts”


On the subaccount management page, click on the button on the left “Create subaccount”button-Create-Subaccount-ByBit

In the pop-up window, you can select the type of the future Sub-account:
– Standard sub-account. You can log in to the Standard sub-account through the Switch between accounts button without entering a password.

– Personal sub-account. Here you can choose the type of account, create a password or activate the function of switching between accounts.

— Custodial sub-account. A custodial sub-account allows investors to transfer their funds to professional teams of traders for asset management. Trading teams can use multiple custodial sub-accounts to manage investors’ assets and apply different trading strategies. At the same time, trading strategies are protected from disclosure, including the history of orders and transactions.

Select Standard subaccount. This will be enough to install any of your trading robots on it.Select-Standard-Sub-Account-ByBit

In the next pop-up window, you must select the type of account to create (Single or Standard)Create-Subaccount-Standard-ByBit

Enter the following data

1. Account types. Choose from two options “Standard account”.

2. Sub-account login – Enter the login in Latin letters, for example, “FutGridByBit”.

3. Press the button Confirm

Subaccount created. You can see and manage it on the sub-account management page at the bottom of the page.


Then you can go directly to the created subaccount. To do this, in the line with the created sub-account on the right, click the button “Switch between accounts”Switch-to-subaccount

The Sub-account’s personal account will open, in which you can make settings, including setting up Authentication via Google (but this is optional). In the Assets section (at the top of the menu), you can see the status of the accounts in the subaccount.LK-Subaccount-ByBit

In your personal account, being in the section “Subaccount” you can click in the line of the created subaccount on the right API


On the page that opens, click the button below. “Create a new key”Generate-new-API-Key-for-Bybit-sub-account

In the pop-up window, you can choose two options for creating API keys:
1. API keys generated by the system.
2. API keys generated by yourself.


Choose API keys generated by the system.

On the page that opens, you need to fill in the fields forms for creating an API key.

1. Select an item API transaction — type of usage of generated API keys.

2. API key name — the name of the new API key. Specify the name of the API key (the name can be anything). For example, “FutGridByBit”

3. API key permission – Set the permission to Read and Write.

4. API Limit / No Limit – Binding an API key to a specific IP address. You can specify the static IP address of the server where you will run the TSLab program. If the IP address is not specified, then the generated API key will be available for 3 months, after which it will be necessary to create a new key.


Next, scroll down the page and set the permissions for the API token:Permissions-to-trade-API-ByBit

When using a trading robot, you may need to the following permissions:
— Contract (Orders, Positions).
– Derivatives: API V3.

Other permissions are not used by the program.

To confirm, click on the button “Send”

Enter codes two-factor authentication generated in your application on the phone / Email Code – will be sent to the mail.


Press to confirm on the button OK

If everything was filled out correctly and the correct confirmation codes were entered, then as a result you will see a window with the generated API keys (API Key and Secret Key). Don’t forget to copy them for yourself! They will be needed when connecting the TSLab program to the ByBit data provider.Generated-API-Keys-Bybit

In the API Management tab for the selected subaccount, the API key you created will be displayed at the bottom. Right down there, you can “Edit” permissions for keys, including registering a fixed IP address.Generated-API-key-subaka-ByBit

Top up a sub-account on the ByBit exchange

Being in the section “Subaccount” at the bottom in the line with the required Sub-account, select the button “Translate”Transfer-Funds-to-Sub-Account-ByBit

The form Transfer funds to Subaccount opensByBit-Transfer-Application-Form

1. “FROM” (From) — select from which section of the Main Account the funds will be transferred (Spot, Derivative, Financing)selection-partition-primary-aka

2. “WHERE” (Before) — select which section of the Sub-account funds are transferred to (Spot, Derivative, Derivative USDC, Financing).select-partition-subak-ByBit

3. Coin — choose in what currency the transfer will be, for example USDT

4. Amount — Transfer amount in the selected currency.

5. Confirm transfer – Confirmation button of the entered data, consent to the transfer.

Then, if necessary, confirm with security codes.

You can check whether the balance on the subaccount has been replenished or not in the section on the management page “Subaccount”. Bottom row with subaccounts in a column “Assets”Balance-of-funds-on-Sub-account-Bybit

You can check the funds / make a transfer in the Personal Account of the Subaccount in the section “Assets”assets-in-section-of-Sub-account-ByBit


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