Don’t focus on obstacles! Focus on perspectivesđź‘Ť

I can’t stand asking anyone for anything. Why? Probably because I’m mortally afraid of failures or I’m afraid to seem like an importunate fool. Don’t know…

But asking some people is the basis of life philosophy. They do it automatically, without even thinking too much. And of course not steamed minutes.

For me, to strain someone, especially a stranger, this is a huge obstacle, a barrier that you need to think about well.

By the way, it often happens that smart people in general focus on obstacles and risks because they think too much.

Focusing on obstacles is a terrible mistake that kills enterprise. This subconsciously slows down all movement. While thinking about something, you need to focus not on obstacles, but on the prospect, on that good, where it all can come.

Always like this.
Remember this.

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