2023 Stock Market Holidays: Forex Trading Guide

Factors to Consider When Investing in 2023 Stock Market Holidays and Hours

The stock and bond markets follow a carefully-planned calendar to provide investors with time to make well-informed decisions and to protect them from overly volatile market conditions. Knowing the days the stock and bond markets are open or closed is essential for your success as an investor in 2023. Knowing dates associated with business days, weekends, and holidays helps you to develop and execute a reliable investment strategy. Here are some factors to consider when investing in 2023 stock market holidays and hours:

Stock Market Hours

Stock markets are open Monday through Friday, and close Saturday and Sunday, regardless of location or type of market. This includes the US, Europe, and Asia. During regular hours, you have access to the full range of trading activities. It is important to remember, however, that you should make sure to do your own research and careful analysis before investing in any stocks.

Stock Market Holidays

Most holidays are observed by stock and bond markets, including US federal holidays and some religious and civic holidays. The most common holidays observed by markets are Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Washington’s Birthday, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. When markets close for holidays, trading may still occur. It is important to familiarize yourself with the market holidays in 2023 to plan your investment strategy accordingly.

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Bond Market Hours

Bond markets are more complex than stock markets, with more complicated mechanisms and rules. As such, the hours that the bond market is open and closed may vary depending on the type of bond and the country of origin. In general, bond markets are open from Mondays through Thursdays, and closed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Bond markets also observe most holidays, including US federal holidays.

Forex Trading Hours

Forex trading is a global, decentralized exchange of currencies. As such, forex trading hours are determined by individual forex brokers, and may vary depending on the geographical region or currency pair. Forex trading hours generally include the “Asian markets”, “European markets”, and “US markets”, with each region having its own unique session hours. Additionally, some markets offer after-hours trading, which enables traders to take advantage of global economics news or to close a position while the exchange is closed.


Investors looking to invest in the stock and bond markets in 2023 should pay special attention to the hours and holidays observed by the various markets. When setting up your investment strategy for the year, it is important to consider what markets will be open and when, and what holidays may cause the markets to close. Additionally, if you are planning on forex trading, knowing the hours of each session helps you to stay ahead of the curve. Make sure to research each type of market and the associated hours and holidays to ensure you make the best decisions when investing in 2023.

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Stock Market Holidays 2023 – Overview

The year 2023 marks the beginning of a new decade and promises to be an incredible opportunity for investors. Stock markets are, of course, ever-present and investors should pay close attention to the list of holidays which will affect trading. To this end, understanding the dates which the stock market will be closed for is essential. In this article, we’ll review the market holidays in 2023 and offer readers an overview of the timeline of trading activity.

U.S. Stock Market Holidays in 2023

In the United States, all major stock markets will be closed for the following holidays in 2023: New Year’s Day, Monday, January 2, Washington’s Birthday, Monday, February 20, Good Friday, Friday, April 7, Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, Independence Day, Wednesday, July 4, Labor Day, Monday, September 4, Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23 and Christmas Day, Tuesday, December 25.

It’s worth noting that the New Year’s Day and Washington’s Birthday holidays are observed on the Monday following their actual date, although the other holidays are observed on the date as listed.

Stock Market Holidays 2023-2024: What To Expect

Looking further ahead, investors should keep close watch of the stock market holidays in 2023 and 2024. In 2023, all the major markets will once again be closed for the same holidays. Additionally, the total number of official holidays for the stock markets will remain consistent.

In terms of 2024, all the major markets in the United States will be closed for New Years Day, Monday, January 1; Washington’s Birthday, Monday, February 18; Good Friday, Friday, March 29; Memorial Day, Monday, May 27; Independence Day, Tuesday, July 4; Labor Day, Monday, September 2; Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28 and Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25.

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Both Washington’s Birthday and Good Friday holidays will be observed on the Monday following their actual date. All other major holidays will be observed on the same date listed for 2024.


Stockmarket holidays are an important consideration for investors. Knowing which days are closed for the trading of stocks helps investors plan their investment strategies more effectively and keeps them from missing important market insights.

In the U.S., all stockmarkets observe the same holidays for the next few years. 2023 and 2024 will have the same holidays, with some holidays, such as Washington’s Birthday and Good Friday, observed on the following Monday. Investors should take careful note of the upcoming holidays and plan their strategies accordingly.

By keeping informed of holiday closings, investors can make the most of their investments and ensure they stay informed through every market shift.