The Central Bank called 5 signs of stock manipulation in telegram channels

Valery Lyakh (Central Bank of the Russian Federation) told Vedomosti how inexperienced investors can avoid becoming a victim of manipulation in telegram channels:

1. The number of channel subscribers does not guarantee its expertise. Remember that the authors of the channels make money from you.

2. Channels sometimes deliberately publish distorted information: Check information in several sources and do not trust everything that they write in telegrams.

3. Motivation and pushing to action, aggressive advertising of a certain investment decision. Honest

4. Coordination. If you see one idea going through multiple channels, it could be manipulation.

5. Anonymous telegram channels are scammers. Analytics cannot be anonymous.


In short, if it seemed to you that my statement prompts you to some kind of action – do not be fooled!
I still don’t understand anything about the market.
But not anonymous

ps well, what do you think, what telegram channels fall under the signs of manipulators?

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