Operations, time trouble and rush kill creativity and strategic vision: red and blue pill

Timofey Martynov

I’m kind of an entrepreneur. Since I personally do many operational things myself, I always have a lack of time.
Lack of time creates a sense of constant urgency, creates nervousness. Multitasking creates defocus.

This activity can be compared to being in a continuous high-speed operational flow.
My brain is overexcited and in this mode it is unable to function creatively.

This is all bad for business. Because in this state, the entrepreneur cannot make effective strategic decisions.
Diving to the bottom of the operational process deprives you of strategic vision from above.

That is why the entrepreneur is simply obliged to go on a long vacation more often.
When was the last time I took a long vacation?
Well, probably in December 2019 I went to Cyprus for a week.

When Ray Dalio was asked what is his main secret to success, he answered: “Meditations.” Although I still haven’t begun to meditate regularly, it seems to me that it is regular meditation that is the tool that can pull the brain out of the operational wheel and raise it above the situation. Meditation is a kind of red pill.

If you asked me what is the main killer of strategic vision and awareness, which is the opposite of meditation, I would say that it is a smartphone. Yes, stuck on a smartphone is the worst thing that can happen to an entrepreneur. The illusory virtual world is our blue pill.


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