Mastercard Announces It’s Accepting 7 New Startups to its Fundraising Program

Mastercard will help banks process crypto payments
  • Global Payments Giant Mastercard Continues to Support Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Startups
  • Mastercard selects seven more industry startups for its Start Path program

Mastercard Start Path started operations in 2014. Since then, she has accepted applications from more than 1,500 startups annually and has helped more than 350 companies raise $3.5 billion in funding.

The list of seven startups included: crypto gateway provider Fasset, Singapore-based crypto payment platform Digital Treasures Center, and Colombian stablecoin firm Stable. In July, Mastercard partnered with Fasset to bring financial inclusion to Indonesia. The new startup cohort also includes Web3-focused social payment provider Loot Bolt, blockchain-based mediafintech startup Quadrata, Take Back the Mic, and brand-focused platform Uptop.

Mastercard Start Path stated that the main goal of the selected companies will be to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

“We welcome a new cohort of startups that will facilitate access to digital assets, build communities for creators, and empower people to innovate the future with Web3 technologies.” — added Mastercard

Mastercard continues to strengthen its expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In October, the company, along with Paxoc, launched a new program that allows banks to offer their customers opportunities and services for trading cryptocurrencies. Mastercard previously partnered with Coinbase to allow Coinbase NFT users to make purchases using Mastercard cards.

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