Overview of the trading robot “SuperTrend” for the OKX exchange


We offer you the SuperTrend Trading Robot for trading futures (futures), perpetual swap contracts (SWAP) on the OKX cryptocurrency exchange

The essence of the trading idea is to trade based on the indicator “SuperTrend”.

Indicator “Supertrend” is a trend following indicator based on the average true range (ATR). Its single line calculation combines trend detection and volatility. It can be used to detect changes in the direction of a trend. This is one of the highest quality trend indicators.

If the price immediately goes in the direction of the open position, then the transaction is closed in profit either by a counter signal or by Take Profit. Also, the robot uses repeated rebuys and sales when a new signal appears in the same direction as the original trade was opened, but in order not to have too many rebuys, they open only when the price is lower than the last rebuy (higher than the resale). A system of partial unloading is also provided – the robot closes half of the rebuy / resale, when the total position is not yet in the black, but the current rebuy is in the black, thereby fixing a partial profit. And thanks to partial profits and effective averaging, the robot has a significant advantage over other strategies.
And of course, stop loss is used to limit losses.

Trading robot “SuperTrend”-OKX trades futures and swap contracts for cryptocurrency, due to this, the effectiveness of the strategy increases, because the robot trades both for buying (Long) and selling (Short). And in order to increase profits, a trader can use the trading leverage provided by the OKX exchange.

This is how an example of robot trading looks like
Second trading example
And the third example of trade

An example of profitability for the DOTUSDT cryptocurrency pairSuperTrend-OKX-revenue-DOT-USDT

An example of profitability for the EOSUSDT cryptocurrency pairSuperTrend-OKX-revenue-EOS-USDT

An example of profitability for the ETHUSDT cryptocurrency pairSuperTrend-OKX-revenue-ETH-USDT

An example of profitability for the ETHUSDT cryptocurrency pairSuperTrend-OKX-revenue-LINK-USDT

Consider below the main settings and control blocks of the Robot “SuperTrend” Robot for OKX.

Connection settings block


In the fields “API key” and Secret enter the keys of the exchange (in the settings of the keys, when you create them on the exchange OKX, be sure to set permission to trade). The keys are encrypted, so the bot can be run even in insecure places.

In field Pass enter the code word (password) that you specified when creating API keys in your personal account on the OKX exchange.
In field “License” enter the license that was given to you along with the robot.
If you want to select a language, click Russian or English.
Button “Connect to the Exchange” designed to connect, check exchange keys and licenses. After a successful connection, all other blocks become available.

Bot management block


This block is designed to manage the trading process.
Button “Start” designed to start the robot.
Button “Stop” – to stop trading.
“Cancel all orders” — to cancel all placed orders (used when reconfiguring).
“Close All Positions” — to close all placed orders (used if you are going to turn off the trading robot for a significant time or change the strategy).

Block “Logging”


This is an information block that displays general information about what the robot is doing at the moment.

Block “Open positions”


This block shows the current open positions. Here you can see information on the average price, position volume and about the instrument in which the position is opened.

Block “Open Orders”


This block shows which orders are placed by the robot – for which contract, type of operation (buy or sell), order type (stop or limit), price and volume.

Block “Future balance”


Displays the balance on your trading account.

Block “Setting up a trading strategy”

SuperTrend-Trading-Strategy Setup

This block is intended directly for setting up a trading strategy.

In field “Pair» choose a pair for trading from the drop-down list of instruments.

If you set the field “Only Exit”, then the bot will only work in the position closing mode. That is, if a position is opened, the robot will trade it according to the settings, but after the transaction is closed, it will not open a new one.

If set in the field “Long” tick, the robot will be able to trade long (buy).

If set in the field “Short” tick, the robot will be able to trade short (sales).

In field “TF” select the required one from the list of timeframes, on which the SuperTrend indicator will be calculated.

In field “SuperTrend Period” enter the period for the SuperTrend indicator.

In field “SuperTrend Multiplier” enter data by multiplier for the SuperTrend indicator.

In field “Take profit, %” the size of Take Profit is set as a percentage (of the real average price). The robot holds a take-profit order on the exchange. If we do not want to set a take profit in the strategy, we set “0” in this field.

In field “Stop Loss, %” the size of the Stop Loss is set as a percentage (of the real average price). Stop loss is not set on the exchange, and when the stop level is reached, the robot closes the deal with a market order. If we do not want to set a stop loss in the strategy, we put “0” in this field.

Next field “Volume, USDT” is the position volume in USDT.

In field “Shoulder” set the working leverage for this trading pair.

To add pairs, click on the empty field below, and enter the data.

We have selected especially for you the easiest to understand, but at the same time the most stable strategy in the long run, tested on real experience.

Overview video on the robot “SuperTrend” – OKX

The “SuperTrend” robot for the OKX crypto exchange does not require the presence of a trader – you need to enter the keys and start it (if you wish, you can change the settings). Further, the robot trades on its own, and most importantly, the robot is fault-tolerant – resistant to disconnections, loss of connection with the exchange, etc.

Trading robot “SuperTrend” for OKX

adapted to work both on a local computer and on a remote server running Windows.

For efficient work, it is ideal for the robot to trade around the clock. For this you can use remote serverwe recommend the best data service provider – this is UltraVDS.com – a good (probably even the best in my memory) price / quality combination. Very reliable server, the most flexible rates, responsive Russian-speaking support. (All of our servers are hosted by them).

You can get a 10% discount on the trading commission on the OKX exchange, for this you need to register your account using this link >>>

Remember, the Saved commission is your additional profit.

Price information can be found here!

SuperTrend OKX

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