Kim Kardashian and crypto-scam: in response to SEC accusations, the star decided to pay a fine of more than $1 million

  • SEC files charges against Kim Kardashian in EthereumMax case
  • She is charged with promoting illegal investments and concealing income
  • The star decided to pay a fine of $ 1.26 million

Today, October 3, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) publicly filed allegations against Kim Kardashian. The socialite was required to disclose the income received for the promotion of the EthereumMax scam project. The star decided to pay a fine.

What does Kardashian have to do with this scam?

The socialite, as well as some other Hollywood stars, are featured in a class action lawsuit from affected EthereumMax investors. They are accused of deliberately promoting a scam project. Allegedly, they promoted it, after which they withdrew part of the assets for profit.

In August, Kim’s lawyers said the socialite was unrelated to the case. According to her, she did not give investment advice, and EthereumMax ads appeared in her publications only twice.

SEC allegations

But now the case has continued. The Securities and Exchange Commission accused the star of hiding income. She did not deny and agreed to pay a fine of $ 1.26 million. Moreover, Kim received a ban on the promotion of crypto-assets for a period of three years.

Her lawyers were quick to assure the public that their client would continue to cooperate with the investigation and help the authorities in every possible way in this process.

“This case is a reminder to anyone and everyone that opinion leaders promoting investments, including crypto-assets, must be careful. They should remember that these methods of generating income are not suitable for everyone. emphasized Gary Gensler, Chairman of the SEC.

However, Kim has pleaded not guilty. Moreover, the star never disclosed exactly how much she was paid for promoting the scandalous project.

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