November 14, 2022 Start of the course “Creating trading robots in TSLab 2.2” (without programming)


We hasten to inform you that very soon, November 14, 2022 our course starts “Creating trading robots for any exchange in TSLab 2.2” (without programming knowledge)

In this regard, we have two good news

We have launched an early booking system, and now participation in the Online course can be purchased at a very low price. Discount up to 65%.schedule-by-prices

The course “Creating trading robots in TSLab 2.2” is held under the strict guidance of Dmitry Vysotsky, a professional, certified algorithmic trader. Dmitry teaches traders step by step to automate trading strategies from scratch. Classes begin with mastering the TSlab 2.2 algorithmic trading terminal, so even if you have never been involved in automating trading strategies, you will be able to master this profession and by the end of the course create several of your own combat trading algorithms that will make trades instead of you! On the course, Dmitry also gives his best trading algorithms for various market cycles, which will also be collected step by step by course participants!

Detailed information about the course and prices can be read here:

You can purchase the course at installments for 3 or 6 months, completely without interest and overpayments.
As well as no down payment!

This is an example of an installment plan for the Standard version for 6 months.Example-installment-for-6months-Standard

This is an example of an installment plan for the Platinum version for 6 months.Example-installment-for-6months

On the course description page below, under the price, select the version of the course and the installment period, click on the appropriate button!installment-rate


Strategy Creation Basics

Key principles and rules of working with trading systems, the sequence of creating profitable trading systems, types of trading systems.


Introduction to the TSLab 2.2 platform and configuration

Installation and competent configuration of the Tslab 2.2 platform, connection of historical and online data providers, connection of additional blocks of the visual editor.


Creation of trading robots

Step-by-step design of profitable trading systems, competent work with filters, connection of various types of stop losses and take profits, breakevens, trails, complex stop losses.


Subtleties and secrets of working with trading systems

Working with trading blocks, risk management system, risk setting, diversification by timeframes and instruments.


Improvement of trading systems

Professional testing of trading systems, fine optimization, step-by-step trading system, use of filters, back test, forward test, stress test.


Completely ready and customized trading systems

By the end of the course, you will have several profitable trading systems to launch in real trading, which you will construct under the guidance of Dmitry Vysotsky!

Detailed information about the course and prices can be read here:


The cost of all robots that are in the full version of the course reaches 500,000 rubles. Therefore, you save about 450,000 rubles during the course and pay it back many times over!

– The time of studying the program is reduced tenfold compared to independent study.

What you need to get started:

Any level of preparation.

Read the course reviews here!

* Every week the prices will increase, have time to buy cheaper.

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