Pantera Capital to open second $1.25 billion crypto fund

Investment company Pantera Capital opens a second fund during the crisis
  • The legendary investment company opens a second fund during the crisis
  • They will invest in blockchain startups and buy shares of some brands

Pantera Capital plans to launch a second blockchain fund by May and raise $1.25 billion in assets under management. The founder of the company, Dan Morehead, told Bloomberg journalists about this.

Recall that in 2021 they launched the Pantera Blockchain Fund for $600 million. It is intended for investments in venture capital, tokens at an early stage of projects and liquid tokens. The minimum entry for investors is $1 million.

Pantera also has three other divisions:

  1. Bitcoin fund. This is the first fund that has been operating since 2013. For 8 years, he gave an increase of 65,000%.
  2. Pantera Liquid Token Fund is a department for investing in tokens.
  3. Pantera Early-Stage Token Fund. Venture fund that invests in startups. The minimum entry for investors is $250 million.

Pantera’s portfolio includes shares in companies such as 1inch, Amber Group, Coinbase, Polkadot and FTX.

The firm plans to launch a new blockchain fund in May. According to Morehead, they will also buy shares of some crypto brands in which they have previously invested. After all, the current fall in stock prices is the perfect time.

In his interview, Dan Morehead lamented that crypto assets are now correlated with risky assets. He believes that this should not be the case, and that the crypto industry has a huge and very underestimated potential.

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