Tornado Cash source code is back on GitHub

  • Tornado Cash returns to the GitHub service
  • Access to the source code of the mixer is open to everyone
  • Previously, the US authorities allowed its use.

Yesterday, September 22, the source code repository for the controversial crypto-mixer Tornado Cash was re-hosted on GitHub. Prior to this, the Ethereum team urged platforms not to ban service addresses.

Recall that last month OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) added Tornado Cash to the sanctions list. This led to a uniform “war” with the mixers.

As a result, the Treasury clarified some of the nuances associated with the blocking. Users were allowed to withdraw part of the funds, and use the mixer code.

Before that, it was already posted on GitHub, which blocked the repository a few hours after the OFAC decision. Now, apparently, the service has changed its mind.

It is possible that this was influenced by the call of one of the main developers of Ethereum, Preston Wanloon. He noted that banning the code was against the First Amendment to the Constitution and demanded that it be unblocked.

On the evening of Thursday, September 22, the archive was returned to the site. GitHub clarified its position in a press comment:

“Our vision is to be a global platform for developers to work together on open source from anywhere in the world. We welcome the government’s recent clarifications regarding the objects that are subject to sanctions, and have restored some of the blocked repositories.”

In fact, GitHub “washed its hands”. The position of the service remains the same, and in case of repeated restrictions, it will support the decision of the authorities.

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