Laguerre Channel MT5

Laguerre Channel indicator builds a price movement channel. Thanks to the early determination of the trend direction, the channel is able to quickly adapt and keep the price in the channel. The basis of this indicator is the Laguerre moving average. The channel takes into account the volatility of the previous bars and builds the dynamic channel width on this basis. The direction and strength of the trend is also taken into account. On this data, the upper and lower lines of the channel may be ahead of the middle line, thus trying to keep the price in the channel.

  • gamma anti-aliasing coefficient
  • Shift Shift
  • appliced_price price type
  • Filters Qty the number of filters is from 1 to 10, the more filters, the more anti-aliasing.
  • Deviation channel width
  • Volatility the volatility of the previous bars to determine the dynamic channel width
  • Trend_Dynamic coefficient of acceleration of the channel adjustment to the trend
  • Channel_Average smoothing coefficient of the upper and lower channel lines

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