Exchange settlements using the Gann method in our market on August 19

Hello everyone! Today, August 19, the impulse alignment of our market is multidirectional. Yesterday’s transactions in selected assets in the oil sector at the end of the session (I warned you in advance) naturally gave a plus (the Gann method does not work differently), and today, according to the plan, we have transactions for buy in two sectors – retail sales of computer equipment (Mvideo) and coal mining sectors (Raspadskaya and Mechel). From the point of view of Gann’s impulse theory, it is the coal mining sector that is most preferable for buy deals today. The price in the leading assets is at support levels (especially in Raspadskaya shares), and the market maker has already “shaken out” the buyers of this sector this week on its village deals (why should he share profits?). But today is Friday. This means that the Friday factor of closing weekly deals before the weekend is again at work. Remember this please, and do not take rash risks. The same reasoning applies to today’s trading in Mvideo shares. Yesterday’s correction, which I warned about in advance, has passed and today the daily buy impulse will end closer to the end of the session, and the hourly impulse has already ended at 2 am, so the deal in this asset is only a buy. But is it worth postponing this deal through the weekend? Everyone will answer this question for himself. Moreover, the impulse background for this asset at the beginning of next week will be mixed. That is, daily and hourly impulses, both up and down, will alternate regularly, creating a price storm in Mvideo shares at least until the middle of the week. Is it worth it to stubbornly trade such an asset and risk the profits already made? The question, as they say, is of course an interesting one …

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