⚡️Cooler than SPIEF!

Already at our conference, 15 issuers have been identified (only 20 slots have been allocated for them), which will be ready to communicate face-to-face with retail investors.
Today X5 Retail Group and Mother and Child have previously joined us.
We will even have MMC and Novatek…
If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would practically gather a party cooler than SPIEF, I simply would not have believed it.
Participation in SPIEF alone cost 960 thousand rubles per person, while ours is almost free😂😂

There has never been such a conference!!!🔥🔥
So don’t miss it: http://conf.smart-lab.ru/

⚡️Cooler than SPIEF!

Photo: Maxim Pustovoi, Positive Technologies, talking to retail investors at the 30th smartlab conference in St. Petersburg.


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