Manchakura service allows you to receive bitcoin via SMS

  • A developer from Africa created a service that allows you to interact with BTC without the Internet
  • Kgotatso Ngako is confident that this will open access to bitcoin for millions of people
  • Manchakura allows you to receive and send BTC using SMS service

The world’s first cryptocurrency continues to take over the world. A new service called Manchakura allows you to interact with your bitcoins without the Internet. It is enough to have at hand a mobile phone on which the SMS service is configured.

According to South African developer Kgotatso Ngako (KG), he first learned about bitcoin when he listened to an audiobook. Cryptocurrency interested an employee of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Therefore, KG began to delve into the topic, exploring the possibility of using BTC in Africa.

The main problem Ngako faced was the extremely poor internet coverage. Moreover, the number of mobile phones on the continent is twice the population. However, the vast majority of devices do not have access to the network.

KG analyzed the situation and found out that 94% of financial transactions in Africa go through the standard USSD protocol. Accordingly, only 6% of transactions are carried out using mobile applications. The conclusion suggested itself.

As a result, KG developed the Manchakura service. The name is a slang word that the locals use to refer to money. Users dial a combination, after which they enter the menu. Then they enter a 5-digit pin code and get access to the account.

The service allows you to send bitcoin from your wallet or, accordingly, receive it. The well-known Lightning network takes part in the work of Manchakura. Essentially, the mobile phone number becomes a Lightning wallet.

Kgotatso Ngako believes that his development will eventually open access to Bitcoin for millions of Africans. Through this, they will learn more about the digital asset industry and become closer to modern society.

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