ELM_EA profitable algorithm for forex.


Elon Musk EA is an innovative forex trading robot. It has been developing for over 10 years and now you can test one of the latest versions of ELM_EA in real time on your accounts. Its application allows you to automate your investments, make profits with the most powerful brokers from around the world . In this article we will look at the trading strategy and principles of this algorithm in detail.

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Elon Musk EA trading strategy

Elon Musk EA was developed on the basis of a long study of the market with numerous tests on real accounts at different brokers. That guarantees its adaptability and successful work with almost any broker.

The ELM_EA allows to join the trading robot not only the professionals, but also those who just starts to get acquainted with the Forex market, because the ELM_EA is fully automated, all you have to do is to choose a broker from the list of recommended, open an account and install the ELM_EA to any of the trading platforms MT4/Mt5. The robot can make transactions 24/5. And with all arising questions technical support will help.

The trading strategy of elonmuskea.com robot is based on the following principles:

  • With its unique strategy, ELM_EA is able to accurately determine the most successful entry and exit from the deal. Strict conditions for opening transactions and the ability to filter the signal using the settings, allows you to avoid false trades, which of course provides a minimum drawdown on your accounts. Just as the algorithm has the ability to conduct a deep analysis to predict changes in the market, so when the average market volatility and using the default settings allows you to get from 45-75% of profitable transactions per month, while taking into account current trends and changes to always be in the trend;
  • Full risk control module. It is possible to open not more than one trade at a time for the specified currency pair;
  • The robot does not apply dangerous principles of work, including such starting strategies as Martingale and others.
  • The algorithm is compatible with most Forex brokers. The only requirement is a high speed of execution and liquidity at your broker . The Expert Advisor successfully works on real accounts opened at world-known brokerage companies, such as Tickmill, HankoTrade, Fusion,VantageFX.

ELM_EA Demo Version

Elon Musk EA is available as a free demo version. It allows you to test its work and evaluate its abilities. The free version of the robot has a number of advantages:

  • Quick installation based on ready-made templates and detailed instructions;
  • Compatible with the most popular MT4/5 platforms;
  • Ability to trade 26 currency pairs, gold and crypto on their accounts without linking to the name of the broker and the account number;
  • Gives you the ability to quickly start automated trading, even if you have no special knowledge in this area;
  • There is a detailed documentation on the setup and description of parameters ELM_EA.
  • Prompt technical support personally from the developer of this project.

You can test the demo version of Elon Musk EA on a demo account at your broker. This is a much more reliable way than testing on stories, because the ELM_EA demo version is identical to the license version that allows you to assess the accuracy of the algorithm, its profitability and capabilities in general before buying. There are no restrictions on the test time and the choice of broker. The cost of licensed versions of ELM_EA should be checked on the official website or on the forum .

Conclusion .

As it was found out from the author of this project, at the moment more than 200 traders from all over the world successfully use Elon Musk EA bot with different brokers. This is confirmed by investor passwords from real accounts and various verified MyFxbook profiles. In this case, for all time there was not a single case that the trading account went into deep deficit. Due to the innovative risk management algorithm, the program does not open more than 1 trade per currency pair at a time. This approach allows to exclude big losses in case the forecast proves to be wrong. And the high Profit factor guarantees that in the medium and long term, Elon Musk EA robot will always be profitable.


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