Questions on the electric power industry, capacity price, CSA programs

Hello dear energy experts! In the process of analyzing the sector, I had a few questions, I hope someone in the know will help you quickly find answers.

1. Suppose a company spent 150 billion on the CSA facility – 1. put it into operation 1000 MW of new capacity and payments went on it (for example, from January 2015). We divide 150 billion by 15 years, we get 10 billion rubles for each year, the return of the amount of the company’s investment in this CSA facility!
But after revising the terms of the return period in 2016, the state decided to reduce the payment period from 15 years to 10 years, that is, it turns out that the company returns 10 billion rubles for 6 years, and for the last 4 years it receives 22.5 billion rubles (10 remain, and the last 5 years – this is 50 billion divided by 4 years = 12.5 and add 10 billion that were already laid down – we get 10 + 12.5 = 22.5?

2. How is the return on investment under CSA indexed?
For example, on January 31, 2015. OFZ rate 10 years = 13.31%, when the base rate of return in 2010 was set at 14% and linked to the yield of 8.5% OFZ 10 years. How can we calculate the return rate depending on the current rate?

3. How to calculate the amount of indexation of DMP for 1 month? just divide the annual amount by 12 months?

4. When do DPM payments arrive, for example, for January? In what period?

5. How payments are returned after the terms are reduced to 10 years after 2017, for example, that is, they introduced new capacity on January 1, 2017, and spent 100 billion rubles on it, it turns out we divide 100 by 10 years and in equal shares for each year or all the same starting from the 7th year, that is, the last 4 years receive increased payments?

6. The price of CTO capacity, taken into account when determining capacity purchase obligations, in price zone 1 increased in 2021. by 16.7%, and in 2022. increased by another 24.8%., however, already in 2023. only 2% growth. Does anyone know how PTO power growth is determined?

7. Why has OGK-2 been consistently declining capacity factor and power generation levels over the past 10 years?

8. The GEH stated that it spent 450 billion and introduced a new capacity of 9 GW. Is there any data on how much was spent for each specific company of the holding? Mosenergo, TGK-1 and OGK-2?

Thank you dear experts!
I will be glad if you express your opinion on any of the issues written out, or give links to materials where this information is available.

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