Sequoia China raises $9bn investment

Sequoia Capital's China is preparing a massive injection The firm has raised $9 billion in four of its start-up funds
  • The Chinese division of Sequoia Capital is preparing a major injection
  • The firm has raised $9 billion in four of its startup funds
  • Projects focused on new technologies and healthcare

Apparently, some of the apathy that has gripped the venture investment sector has not touched everyone.”players“. Sequoia China has raised $9 billion for four new technology and healthcare funds.

This pool has already been called the largest in history. Previously, no venture capital firm has been able to raise such a large infusion. The pool is known to target Chinese tech startups.
At the same time, initially Sequoia China was going to raise $8 billion, but investors significantly overfulfilled their obligations. Funding came from organizations not only in Asia, but also in Europe and the US.

There are many American institutional investors among the contributors. Despite the downturn, they are pursuing an aggressive strategy for high potential projects.

The capital will go to four funds – Expansion Fund I, Seed Fund III, Venture Fund IX and Growth Fund VII. Specific details on the projects are not yet known. Sequoia China declined to comment.

We previously reported that Sequoia Capital India is launching two new $2.85 billion funds on the domestic market.

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