After a storm in Montana, 75% of the capacity of the Marathon Digital miner is offline

  • Marathon Digital lost 75% of its hashrate
  • The company’s “farm” in Montana is still offline
  • The city suffered from a storm, but the equipment survived
  • The company expects to return the facility to work in early July.

At the beginning of the month, on June 11, a strong storm passed over Montana and South Dokata. The disaster left thousands of customers without power, including the Marathon Digital farm in Hardin.

As of Tuesday, June 28, the object is still offline. About 30 thousand systems are located here, which is 75% of the company’s total computing power.

A preliminary assessment showed that most of the equipment survived the power surges. But the object is de-energized. Probably “farm” will not return to work until the networks are restored.

“It will take time to get the installations fully online. We are doing our best to increase the hashrate. As part of this, we redirected some of the miners with a capacity of 0.6 exahash to a third-party pool” – noted in Marathon Digital.

Remarkably, even before the June 11 incident, the company was reporting a drop in productivity at its Hardin facility. The reason for this was the increase in the cost of energy from Texas, as well as technical problems with the equipment.

Estimated recovery timefarms” of the company – the beginning of July. In the third quarter of this year, Marathon Digital plans to move the facility to a region with a more stable power supply system.

Previously, the company announced that it would continue mining cryptocurrency. The company proved to be more resilient to external factors than some of its competitors.

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