Exchange settlements according to the Gann method in our market June 28 – clouds are gathering in the gas production sector.

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Hello everyone! Today, June 28, the impulse distribution of our market has changed slightly compared to the previous day. The market is dominated by weak daily impulses UP, but, as yesterday’s calculation showed, the daily impulse DOWN in the gas and oil sectors has increased to a maximum today from 9 am Moscow time and will last until 4 am on June 29. This is especially true of the price situation with the shares of Gazprom and Novatek. Yesterday, the papers were flat, and today, on the strengthening of the daily impulse DOWN, they may start to fall. I strongly recommend tightening stops in positions in the gas production sector closer to the market. In Aeroflot shares, the hourly UP impulse did not work out correctly yesterday (check your calculations). The specified time of the impulse is from 14.35 to 16.35 Moscow time. The momentum was weak, so an interested subscriber of the telegram channel opened only one deal for a buy at 17.15 Moscow time at a price of 27.70, and closed it at a price of 27.84. Profit, of course, is meager, but here’s what’s interesting… today in this sector from 11 am, the same weak impulse UP will operate, only daily. And it will last until 2 am the next day, that is, June 29. Further, a very good (in terms of purchases, of course) situation in the financial sector. Already 2(!) good daily impulses UP continue to operate in the shares of SBERA and VTB, continuing and strengthening the uptrend. But remember to be careful, never forget to tighten stops (at least at the end of the session) so as not to lose the profits already received. I am writing this info for those who in the future want to earn a stable profit on intraday fluctuations in stock prices of our (and not only) market.

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