Exchange calculations using the Gann method in our market on June 24 – multidirectional impulses and Friday’s risk factor.

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Hello everyone! Today, June 24, the impulse alignment of our market is very peculiar. As was calculated yesterday, the daily DOWN momentum in Aeroflot shares weakened to moderate at 4:00 am, and will operate today in the air transportation sector throughout the trading session. A buy deal on Aeroflot shares was closed yesterday at an estimated price of 26.89 (of course, with a profit, it doesn’t happen otherwise). I don’t see the point in calculating downside targets with the opening of a village deal, since the profit will be small (well, it’s not worth the candle because of the weakness of the momentum). What else is interesting for today… A weak hourly DOWN impulse will operate in the oil sector from 11 to 13 Moscow time (the method of determining the correctness of the impulse is known to you). Also in the shares of Mvideo today there will be a weak hourly impulse UP from 15:00 to 17:00 Moscow time. Of particular interest is the coal mining sector. Taking into account the correct working out of the hourly UP impulse yesterday (check your calculations, the impulse worked correctly, the correct time was yesterday from 11.10 to 13.05), today a weak daily DOWN impulse will begin to operate in this sector from 12 o’clock Moscow time. But it is precisely today that the Friday factor works and many traders will want to take profits on the eve of the weekend, so I strongly do not recommend taking risks in ill-conceived transactions.

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