Ledger launches NFT marketplace and Web3 services

  • Ledger launches new services with NFT and Web3
  • They will allow you to safely store and trade art tokens
  • The company also introduced the Ledger Quest game and the Ledger Academy tutorial.

The Ledger brand is known for creating secure and user-friendly crypto wallets. Now they are expanding their services to include art tokens. To do this, the company launched the Ledger Market NFT marketplace.

Now the project is at the beta stage, but everyone can sign up for the whitelist to be the first to test the service.

The brand promises that the marketplace will provide the same high level of security as Ledger crypto wallets. It will be inclusive – accessible to content creators, companies, collectors and fans.

Ledger Market Preview

Large brands have already joined the Ledger Market project, including Swiss watch manufacturer Tag Heuer, game studio RTFKT, digital company Brick, etc.

web3 services from Ledger

The Ledger company will explore other web3 technologies and invites everyone to become participants in this experience.

One of the products is Ledger Enterprise. It is a single platform for NFT minting, drops and crypto asset management.

The company is also launching the Ledger Quest game, where you can win NFTs. And beginners who are still new to blockchain technologies will be able to study at the Ledger Academy.

Yesterday we had another piece of news on this topic: Uniswap Labs has bought NFT marketplace aggregator Genie.


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