Deloitte and NYDIG announce partnership to advance bitcoin

Deloitte and NYDIG have entered into a strategic alliance The companies intend to work together to promote digital assets in the global market
  • Deloitte and NYDIG form strategic alliance
  • Companies intend to work together to promote digital assets in the global market
  • Deloitte will provide consulting services, while NYDIG will provide blockchain products

On June 21, Deloitte announced a strategic partnership with NYDIG. Companies have teamed up to accelerate the adoption of digital assets, in particular bitcoin.

The strategic partnership of these counterparties will open up new opportunities for big business in the field of cryptography and blockchain. This includes virtual banking, and loyalty programs with a reward in the form of cryptocurrencies, and bonuses for employees, and other products based on BTC.

The business alliance will create a ready-made chain for the integration of these services. Deloitte will take over consulting, while NYDIG is responsible for the technical side.

In a press release, both companies stressed that compliance remains a priority for their work. At the same time, the alliance seeks to expand the target audience of bitcoin products and introduce digital assets into new institutions.

“In our view, in the future, the infrastructure of traditional finance will be closely connected with digital assets. We want to provide our customers with new products with the highest regulatory standards. We are already working on it. NYDIG customers have access to BTC-secured loans, a branded wallet, software, and loyalty programs rewarded with cryptocurrencies.” – said the president of the fintech company Yang Zhao.

It is noteworthy that Deloitte serves about 90% of Fortune 500 companies. The presence of such a partner will allow NYDIG to significantly promote both digital assets in general and its own products in the global market. Earlier, we reported that the UFC made a deal with another crypto partner. They became the company VeChain.

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