Exchange settlements using the Gann method in our market today, June 1

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Hello everyone! As I warned yesterday, the daily UP impulse in Gazprom shares will last today only until 15 Moscow time, and from 17 Moscow time until the end of the main session there will be a powerful hourly impulse DOWN. So, despite the confidence in the payment of dividends for this company, I personally would not get into intraday trading in this sector today, since unpleasant surprises can be expected by traders and investors from the market opening. And the external news background does not add optimism. Also, a difficult situation today in terms of the impulse map will be in two more sectors – real estate (PIK) and retail of computer equipment (Mvideo). Here, in the presence of weak daily UP impulses, a daily DOWN impulse appears in both sectors. It is still weak, but the very fact of the presence of multidirectional impulses in the sector, as you already know, adds volatility to the market and trading turns into a guessing game, which is clearly not for the benefit of the exchange deposit. In other sectors of our market, the situation in terms of the impulse map has not changed, and a powerful hourly impulse DOWN in the metallurgy sector will be after the close of the main session, that is, from 21 to 23 Moscow time, which will be a “headache” for Western traders. This is the alignment of impulses in our market today, June 1.

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