Jackson Palmer: “I wish this was the end of cryptocurrencies. But it’s not like that”

  • Jackson Palmer continues to criticize cryptocurrencies
  • He would like the current crisis to be the end of the digital asset realm, but that won’t happen.

Yesterday, May 30, the Australian edition of Crikey published an interview with one of the founders of the DOGE project, Jackson Palmer. Among other things, he shared his opinion on the current situation in the cryptocurrency market.

Despite the fact that Palmer is directly related to the development of the cryptosphere, he is among the critics of digital assets. In his opinion, cryptocurrencies allow the rich to get richer. In addition, the number of scammers and scam projects is constantly increasing in this area.

Palmer would like the current crisis to become “the end of cryptocurrencies”, but, unfortunately, this is not the case. The expert believes that the recession will not drag on, and improvement will come in the coming months.

“Honestly, I thought this bubble would burst faster and people would learn their lesson. But in the last six months, I see how they persistently beat against this wall. “Big shots” with thick wallets are intervening, and this means that the process (cryptocurrency stagnation) is slowing down” – Palmer emphasized.

He also denied rumors about the approach of a new “cold winter“. According to him, the situation is cyclical, and crypto promoters “have already prepared a new package of financial injections for gullible investors.”

Palmer considers both ICOs and IGOs, DAOs and NFTs to be common scams. At the same time, the expert believes that the number of skeptics is growing, which significantly affects the industry as a whole.

“I think we need a major disaster. Not an explosion, but something no less destructive. And when this happens, the situation, unfortunately, will primarily affect the lower social strata and retail investors” – he noted.

Recall that experts in the crypto industry agree that a new “rally” in this market is just around the corner. So, for example, Tim Draper believes that women investors will provide rapid growth.


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