I can no longer be silent and hide it from you!

Hello, brother! You probably don’t know yet, but we have a cool investor conference here, less than a month left. This year is a full house! None of the previous 29 smartlab conferences had so many people! Already now we have 650 participants, and we expect to see 800 people by the conference. I honestly do not know how we will digest such a number, I hope everything will be successful.

upd. Among our joint conferences, the record was at Larry Williams in Moscow, where 1000 people came!

Interestingly? We will have Central Banks, brokers, stock exchanges and, for the first time in history, issuers with whom it will be possible to communicate in special meeting rooms! Cool? Level! I agree.
It is especially pleasant that cool and successful investors and traders from all over Russia flock to our conference as spectators and speakers👍

Well, all this is understandable against the backdrop of the white nights of St. Petersburg, Scarlet Sails, and hundreds of thousands of tourists who rush to our beautiful city in these magical days.

I can no longer be silent and hide it from you!



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