China Warning and Hacking Scandal Crash Stepn Token (GMT)

The mega-popular M2E game STEPN seems to be losing ground Last night, the price of its token collapsed to a minimum
  • Mega-popular M2E game STEPN seems to be losing ground
  • Last night, the rate of her token collapsed to a minimum
  • Chinese authorities and hacker scandal are to blame

The popular fitness project STEPN has become a defendant in a hacker scandal. Yesterday, videos began to appear on Youtube in which users tell how to trick the GPS function. Such a trick allegedly helps to get STEPN Green Satoshi Token (GST) reward tokens. They can be converted to GMT token at any time.

The news quickly spread on social media, and the price of the token fell by almost 40%. It is now equal to its yearly low of $0.82.

China collapses the course

The Chinese authorities are also involved in the fall of the GST. The developer STEPN said that from July 15 it will stop serving players from this country. China ranks second among the number of app users. And although there is still more than a month and a half until July 15, panic and sales have already begun in local social networks.

It remains to be seen if the fitness app developers will be able to fix the issue in a timely manner to reassure the community.

Many top companies have invested in the STEPN project, including Binance Labs. And the Move to Earn industry itself is becoming very popular. Such games allow you to earn tokens by completing walks and pumping different options.

We recently wrote about another promising Move to Earn project – the Sweatcoin application.

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