How game developers make money on players (on the example of Homescapes)

I’m here just now, I still can’t analyze VK in detail. So, I studied their games. Games, frankly, so-so, for an amateur. I wasn’t pulled at all. For comparison, I downloaded the game Homescapes from Playrix by the Bukhman brothers. It immediately became clear why the Buchmans are billionaires and VK barely reaches the miserable billion.

Homescapes is an amazingly well-oiled money-making machine.. I’m really impressed with how systematically everything is done. I’ll tell you what it looks like.

The game has a simple plot. Butler Austin returned to his stepfather’s house, which fell into disrepair. And he begins to put things in order so that his parents do not sell the old house under the hammer. Each Austin action requires one star. To earn a star, you need to pass the level of a simple puzzle: you make combinations of colorful balls.

How game developers make money on players (on the example of Homescapes)
The game is shareware. At first, you are not loaded with any payment, they let you get involved, become interested, learn, get used to it. To make you sit down like a hamster. Confidently passing the “puzzles” one after another, you begin to feel like a genius.

Then oops, there is a difficult level. The steps to pass are over. You are offered to spend coins to add 5 more steps to the puzzle. Coins are running out – they offer to buy them for a small amount of money. Several “boosters” are wrapped in a beautiful set – these are the type of bombs that allow you to destroy obstacles and colorful balls in the puzzle.

How game developers make money on players (on the example of Homescapes)
If you do not have time to solve the puzzle, a new attempt – minus a heart. Hearts are running out – wait 30 minutes or buy more hearts)))

Well, in general, you could imagine all this without me. But I was struck, of course, by the coolly debugged psychological mechanisms that push the player to pay.

For example, at one point you are included in a challenge – a competition. Complete levels faster than other players and get prizes. This mechanism forces the player to play for a long time and continuously in order to complete as many levels at a time.

In parallel, the plot of the preparation of some kind of wedding is included. To arrange a wedding, you need to spend some banknotes – the fourth type of “consumables” appears in the game (stars, coins, hearts, banknotes). They are also given a little bit for completing puzzles.

A separate mechanism is provided for the player to play every day – the accrual of prize boosters for daily entry.

How game developers make money on players (on the example of Homescapes)
The game is made so wonderfully in terms of usability that the child, playing it, almost immediately proceeds to pay :)) It’s good that Apple has a confirmation of purchase in the AppStore.

At level 50, you stumble upon an impassable level. It seems that without payment it is no longer possible to pass.

How game developers make money on players (on the example of Homescapes)
But I was sure that the game is much trickier :)) If a player stumbles upon an impassable level and does not complete it without paying, he will simply quit the game. But this is not profitable for the Bukhmans. Therefore, from the 10th time, the colored balls still fell in such a way that I could pass the level without additional payment.

So what struck me about Homescapes?

1. perfect usability.
2. the goal of the game is perfectly visible – the whole game is set up in such a way as to smoothly lead the player to pay for in-app purchases.
3. the game is as simple as possible, despite the presence of puzzles, nothing in the game forces you to turn on the brain.
4. the game is clearly positioned specifically for the most paying audience according to statistics (which, for example, will not play knights, tanks and castles)

In general, if the desire to create some kind of game, to create some kind of gameplay dominates in MY.GAMES games from VK, then here I feel that the whole game is uniquely competently built around the goal of pumping money out of the player. Handsome!

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