Exchange settlements using the Gann method in our market yesterday, May 20

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Hello everyone! So, why did our market “fall” yesterday? Yes, because earlier there was a daily impulse DOWN. And it worked with a delay, as I warned in previous posts. Quoting myself from a post on May 17… “As you already understood from the title, our stock market will be “bred” today. Naturally, for non-system purchases. Very complicated (it would seem, why???) the situation with Gazprom. It looks like we’re going up. And we are going well, we hope for dividends. But today, from 14:00 Moscow time, a daily DOWN impulse will begin in the gas production sector. And tomorrow a powerful impulse DOWN will be in the shares of the leading companies in the financial sector (SBERA and VTB). Should I trade them today, hoping for a successful outcome? I think no. From past publications, you already know that the Gann method is never wrong. The only question is the backlash in time. Whether he will or not. And that’s it.” End of quote. Well, what else can be said here? YOU WAS WARNED back on May 17 that our fund would have a daily impulse DOWN in the main commodity sectors and the financial sector and the market would be “bred”. That is, there should not be any medium-term purchases in the near future. Whoever listened and closed the buy positions did the right thing. Those who have not done this have what they have. That is, losses. So I strongly advise you to remember for the future – the Gann method is not mistaken. NEVER.

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