The bankers’ adventure in El Salvador: “financiers” positively assess the prospects for BTC

  • Heads of Central Banks master BTC on Bitcoin Beach
  • Representatives of regulators talked with local residents about cryptocurrencies and tried to pay with bitcoin themselves
  • Several major bankers even asked for a new meeting to discuss the prospects for the integration of “crypto”

Earlier, we reported that 44 representatives of financial institutions from around the world would come to El Salvador. They came here for a major conference, but also decided to test how the cryptocurrency works at the micro level.

Yesterday, May 19, the bankers visited El Zonte Beach, also known as “Bitcoin Beach“. They not only posed for a photobut also walked through local cafes and shops.

Locals are no strangers to tourists, but this is the first time they have seen such a significant company. International representatives not only enjoyed the sun and sand, but also actively adopted the experience of using digital assets.

“Several heads of central banks asked me to meet with their teams,” said Nicholas Berti, co-founder of Galoy Money.

It is this company that is behind the development of the application “Bitcoin Beach”, which began the integration of cryptocurrency in El Salvador.

bankers paid a visit local celebrity – Mama Rosa (Mama Rosa). In 2019, her shop became the first in the city to accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

One of the major bankers was even able to buy a coconut from a local resident for BTC. What is this if not the victory of the technological revolution?

It is noteworthy that “adventures of bankers” in “bitko countryinov” were not to the taste of everyone. The Central Bank of Paraguay was quick to assure the public that cryptocurrencies are not relevant to the upcoming conference:

“Bitcoin will not be covered at the upcoming meeting. The Central Bank of Paraguay does not intend to discuss cryptocurrencies during this session.”

However, Bukele nevertheless achieved his goal. When leaving for their place, bankers will take away not only souvenirs and pleasant beach photos, but also thoughts about the convenience of using bitcoin. And who knows, maybe it will grow into something more?

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