How do I withdraw money to a foreign bank

The dollar exchange rate is low. How can you take advantage of this? I came to the conclusion that the most successful way is to buy cheap dollars on the stock exchange and transfer them to your foreign bank account. In this case, I get real bucks that can be spent at the exchange rate with minimal overpayments. I monitor the exchanger, the cash exchange rate is consistently 20% higher than on the stock exchange. Today the selling rate of bucks was 71.

In Tinka, it takes two minutes to transfer rubles from your account to the exchange, buy bucks and return it back to your bank account.
Until some May, Tinka’s commission was a penny, about 200 rubles from $1000. Now increased to 0.9%🤬.

The first time I tried to transfer money to an account in Kazakhstan.
👉 On May 5, grandmas left
👉 On May 9, grandmas returned back. Tinka commission – $15.

No one explained the reason for the return. Tinkoff says everything is ok with us. Kazakhstan says: everything works for us.

👉 On May 17, I tried to send myself a swift to Armenia.
👉On May 19, grandmas returned back, but $79 less. Tinka commission – $15.
In total, I paid $94 for the unfinished translation. In support, they said that correspondent banks took the commission, we don’t know anything. Maybe they will write something else later from support, I’ll tell you later.

When sent, did not indicate the correspondent bank. In the telegram chat, the “banks of Armenia” told me that I should indicate the swift of the Citi correspondent bank.
👉 On May 19 I tried it for the second time, the grandmas left yesterday, today they already came to the account in Armenia. All is well, but with 3 times.

I will also experiment with the Kazakhs, I will try to put, for example, BANK OF CHINA KAZAKHSTAN as a correspondent, maybe it will come.

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