Fitness in Metaverse? It’s more popular than you think

  • The sports publication Fitrated conducted a survey on how the audience of the magazine relates to the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Metaverse
  • Almost half of the respondents are ready to play sports in the virtual world
  • And 83% of respondents even want to see their workouts in a game format

This week sports magazine Fitrated published the results of a study on how people feel about fitness in the virtual space. It turned out that about 40% of respondents are ready to leave a regular gym for an analogue in Metaverse.

The sample was just over 1000 people. Each of them was asked a few questions about whether the fitness industry could become part of the global trend towards virtual worlds.

About 40% of respondents are ready to transfer their workouts to Metaverse. And this is not aboutpumping” avatar, but about light exercises in a VR or AR headset.

Imagine that you can practice yoga in the forest or on a mountaintop. Inspiring, isn’t it?

81% of respondents said they are willing to increase the number of workouts if they are rewarded with virtual assets. 75% want to be able to pay for a subscription in “crypt“.

At the same time, 60% of respondents are ready to train five times a week for a year for a prize of 1 BTC. And 83% of respondents support the transfer of fitness to “game rails”. That is, they would like to play sports as part of the quest or “adventure games“.

As expected, most want to receive rewards in BTC. But, remarkably, about a third agreed to DOGE memecoins. All this indicates that in Metaverse there is a place not only for entertainment, earnings, communication and music, but also for sports. It is quite possible that in the near future people will be able to earn “crypto”, winding kilometers on an exercise bike in the headset.

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