Exchange settlements according to the Gann method in our market today, May 20, are weak UP impulses everywhere.

Hello everyone! 1000 apologies for not having time to give information on the impulse map before the market opened, as there was a small family force majeure. He, of course, overcome, but spent a certain amount of time. So, what did the Gann calculations show for today, May 20? There is one common component of impulses for today. In almost all sectors they are UP, but very weak. The exception is the financial sector. Today it is again without momentum, which means there is no consistency and all movements today will be speculative – I personally am out of the trading zone in this sector.
All other sectors today, as mentioned above, with weak impulses UP. By 17 and 18 Moscow time, that is, closer to the close of the main session, weak UP impulses in the coal mining sector and the computer equipment retail sector will be strengthened by an hourly UP impulse. Here
and the entire impulse map of our market for today, May 20th.
PS In connection with the continuation of force majeure on Monday morning, I will post the situation on the impulse map for this day here on Sunday evening. You already know that the date of calculation is absolutely unimportant for the Gann method. Even tomorrow, in a year or 100 years ahead, there will never be a mistake.

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