Binance talked about crypto cards for refugees and those who stayed in Ukraine

  • Incrypted channel held a stream with the leadership of Binance Ukraine
  • It discussed the most important issues that concern customers
  • Including issues with crypto cards from Binance

Yesterday, Incrypted talked to Binance Ukraine representatives Kirill Khomyakov and Ivan Paskar. The hottest topic is cryptocurrency cards for our refugees.

Recall that Binance launched a special project for all immigrants who are in the EU. This is a Refugee Card that allows you to accept and transfer payments in cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Binance pays $75 in assistance to the card for 3 months (total 215 BUSD).

Why is the card not offered to those who stayed in Ukraine?

Comment from Binance Ukraine General Manager Kirill Khomyakov:

“Inhabitants of Ukraine are a priority for us. And we understand that it is more important for them to get help. But, unfortunately, according to the legislation, the National Bank does not coordinate the issue of cryptocurrency cards for commercial banks.”

European partner banks met Binance halfway and agreed to open temporary accounts for Ukrainians. All you need is a temporary address and a phone number.

Why do I have to wait for a card for several days?

Kirill Khomyakov explained that now it takes about 7 days to review. The company is trying to speed up the deadlines, but a large number of applications come in, and partners cannot cope.

Where does the $75 figure come from?

This is the global amount accepted by the UN. Binance understands that this amount not enough to live in Europe. But in combination with other payments and the help of volunteers, this will be a good help.

When will Binance release cards for Ukraine?

“This is a matter of the regulator and the end of the war. While the fighting is going on, the question of new products from Binance is not relevant. Now we are directing all our efforts to charity and support.”

Recall that in April Mikhail Fedorov had a talk with Changpeng Zhao. The heads of Binance and the Ministry of Digital Development outlined 5 important steps that will help crypto users from Ukraine.

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