Musk is rocking the boat. Businessman wants to buy Twitter for less than announced $44 billion

  • Musk continues to undermine Twitter’s position in the market
  • He stated that spam bots are actually more than 20%
  • At the same time, the billionaire does not exclude the possibility of buying the company at a fairer price.

Elon Musk continues to fuel rumors about a possible rejection of the deal to take over Twitter. Now he states that “does not exclude” the possibility of buying a company for a smaller amount.

Recall that on Friday, May 13, Musk announced “freezing” agreements. The reason for this was the allegedly false statistics on the number of spambots.

According to Twitter, there are no more than 5% of such accounts among the audience. Musk claims there are over 20%. The billionaire is threatening to pull out of the deal unless he gets the real data.

On Monday, May 16, Musk attended a science conference in Miami. There, he publicly announced that he did not exclude the possibility of further negotiations to bring down the price.

Anonymous sources told the WP publication that in this way the businessman is trying to “put pressure on” on board members. Last week, the stock market crashed, after which the amount of the agreement seems unreasonably high.

Either way, Twitter shares were down more than 8% by the close of trading on Monday. At the time of writing, they are trading at $37.39.

Recall that at the moment Musk does not have the amount necessary for the purchase. He needs to invest an additional $21 billion. He plans to receive this money from external sources.

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