The main problem of all strong women in family relationships (my version)

Here Andrey Andreevich wrote a post about how a marriage partner does. This post reminded me of a topic on which I have long wanted to express my thoughts…

My life experiences have led me to believe that the reason for the unhappy family life of many women is to demonstrate their strength in front of a man. And this, as a rule, inevitably happens sooner or later if a woman strives to be strong, independent, independent.

Perhaps the strategy of strength makes sense if the choice of a woman turned out to be unsuccessful and some specific * luck fell into her husband …

Otherwise, my life experience says that it is much more profitable for a woman to be soft, kind and weak next to a man.

For example, I will never leave my cat. Even such a thought would not come to mind. Why? because he is warm, soft, fluffy, always affectionate with me. I will always love him. And if I’m tired of him for some reason, I still won’t leave him, because I feel responsible for him. If he gets sick, I will take care of him, I will treat him. I will be with him to the end.

The main problem of all strong women in family relationships (my version)
Obviously, I will love a cat until he starts yelling, biting, or threatening me with divorce every day … that is, creating problems, nerves, pain, etc.

Therefore, the instruction for all women: if you love your man and want to keep him forever, cut off your balls forever and be with him weak, soft, tender and fluffy. A normal man will never leave such a woman, but will protect and protect her.

ps I think the same applies to parents in relation to their children. If you want to maintain a warm relationship with children (especially adults), you must be soft and fluffy and not try to demonstrate your strength and power over them.

pps Advice to all young guys: if in a relationship you constantly feel that your woman is trying to get into the opposite corner of the ring, immediately send her to hell.

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