NUS Computing and TZ APAC Launch Blockchain Learning Center in Singapore

  • Blockchain will be taught to students in Singapore
  • TZ APAC takes over the practical training of students
  • The project will be led by the National University

Software development company TZ APAC said this week that it will join forces with NUS Computing to launch a training program. Its goal is to train technical innovators among the younger generation of Singapore.

The center will be led by Associate Professor Tan Sun Thek of NUS Computing. In it, students will be able to train directly with experts in the fields of blockchain, cloud technologies and data transfer.

“With this program, we hope to improve the quality of IT education not only in the country, but also in the region, as we nurture future technological talents” – noted the representative of NUS.

TZ APAC, which supports the Tezos ecosystem, will provide students with practice, advice and help the best students with employment. The company is interested in developing new personnel in the industry, since Singapore has every chance of becoming the largest hub in the region.

The organization said they are ready to support students in every possible way. They will train with TZ APAC employees, participate in seminars, webinars and hackathons.

The program itself, of course, is based on Tezos. Thus, TZ APAC not only contributes to the development of Singapore’s intellectual capital, but also promotes its own position in the local market.

Recall that earlier the CEO of the company, Colin Miles, said that in 3-5 years blockchain will be taught in schools. He fully supported that decision and advocated that the practice should become global. Read also: Singaporean bank DBS Bank plans to launch a crypto exchange on the local market by the end of the year.

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