Fed raises rates | Elon Musk trolls BAYC | a16z and Binance join Twitter purchase

This is our 91 week old crypto news digest, from which you will find out how Elon Musk pumped the APE token and what Arthur Hayes wants to do instead of going to jail.

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Hacker tried to scam NEAR Rainbow Bridge and lost 2.5 ETH

An unsuccessful attempt cost the hacker 2.5 ether

Aurora Labs CEO Alex Shevchenko spoke about the recent attack on the NEAR Rainbow Bridge. The hacker never managed to crack the cross-chain, but he lost his ethers. Shevchenko added that this story will be a lesson for the company itself – they will now strengthen security measures.

The hacker started by sending some Ether to Tornado Cash.

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Fed announces new interest rate: Bitcoin reaction

The US central bank raised interest rates by 50 basis points

The US Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 0.5%. Taking into account the March increase, it is 1%. This is the highest interest rate in the US in 20 years.

To combat inflation, the US central bank will begin to reduce the balance sheet from June 1. As for future rate hikes, the feds will be discussing that in future meetings.

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Arthur Hayes asked the court for leniency

Hayes also insists on the possibility of free travel abroad.

The former head of the BitMEX exchange Arthur Hayes appealed to a federal judge with a request to mitigate the sentence. The disgraced crypto-guru wants not only to remain free, but also to be able to freely travel the world.

Recall that in February of this year, Hayes pleaded guilty to violating one count “Bank Secrecy Law“. Having made a deal, he bargained for himself a reduction in prison sentence for a period of 6 to 12 months in a general regime colony.

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The court fined the three founders of BitMEX $ 30 million — On May 5, the Southern District of New York issued a verdict in the CFTC case against the three founders of the BitMEX crypto exchange. Arthur Hayes, Benjamin Delo and Samuel Reid need to pay a $10 million fine to each. Read more

a16z joins Twitter purchase — Ben Horowitz, general partner at venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitz, informedthat the company will also join the purchase of Twitter. a16z will allocate and provide Elon Musk with $400 million.While budding, Twitter suffers from a host of complex issues ranging from bots to abuse and censorship.

Elon Musk put BAYC on his profile picture — Elon Musk on Twitter updated avatar. Now there is a selection of NFTs from the BAYC collection. At the time of writing, the APE token has reacted with a 15% gain. But then he fooled everyone and…

Changed avatar again – Elon Musk yesterday set a selection of NFTs from the BAYC collection as a profile avatar. The APE token then reacted with a growth of 10-15%. But happiness among monkey fans did not last long. After a while Elon nevertheless replaced avatar. The APE token, respectively, also sank in price.

PS: We got a comment from Moni. Here’s what they think about it:Elon put a picture from the Internet; Macaques are pumping; Elon trolled macaques; Macaques are dumped

News about NFTs

The Past, Present and Future of Finance in VanEck’s NFT Collection

The theme of the collection is the past, present and future of finance

VanEck has announced the launch of a new initiative called the VanEck Community NFT. The project involves the release of 1000 NFTs, the motive for which was the person of one of the founding fathers of the United States, Alexander Hamilton.

The South Korean company NUMOMO acted as a partner of the fund in the implementation of the initiative. The presentation of the collection will take place this week. Mint tokens will be based on Ethereum.

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Exchange Kraken is preparing its NFT marketplace

The company promises premium features and other bonuses to testers

The Kraken exchange announced the launch of an NFT marketplace and opened a waiting list.

The platform is currently in beta testing. But it could become a popular service, given that Kraken is the second largest exchange in the US after Coinbase.

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Vatican opens NFT art gallery

The project will be led by Father Philip Lary

The Vatican is a country that is definitely not talked about in the context of blockchain and cryptography. But that will change with the opening of the NFT art gallery, which will include works from his extensive collection.

The Vatican Humanity 2.0 organization and the Metaverse startup Sensorium are working on this project.

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Opensea’s official Discord may have been hacked – Most likely, Discord of the OpenSea NFT marketplace was hacked. This is reported by the Chinese crypto-journalist Wu Blockchain. The attacker posted a phishing link on the official Discord server with a call to mint NFT at a discount. On Twitter, the platform has not yet responded.

The number of NFT sales fell by 80% “According to the data, the number of NFT sales has fallen by about 80% all the time. ATH on sales is at around 225,000 NFT. It came at the end of September 2021. Now about 40-50 thousand NFTs are sold per day.

News about Bitcoin

Strong dollar, weak bitcoin: what is happening in the crypto market

Tough policy of the American central bank brought down all markets

The recent hike in interest rates from the Fed has been a big test for all markets. And bitcoin has not escaped such a fate. Over the past 24 hours, it has lost almost 10%, pulling most of the cryptocurrencies with it. Market capitalization decreased by 7.6% and stands at $1.65 trillion at the time of writing.

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Loan price not disclosed

But it is known that the crypto-exchange pledged 4,487 BTC, which is about $170 million at the current rate. In response, the lender provided fiat money.

Under the terms of the loan, if the BTC rate falls, Coinbase will have to increase the amount of collateral or the bank will raise the interest rate. Until now, such a service could only be obtained using CeFi and DeFi applications.

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MicroStrategy lost $170.1 million on the fall of bitcoin. But don’t worry about it

It doesn’t upset management at all.

MicroStrategy is the world’s largest owner of bitcoins. It has 129,218 coins worth almost $5 billion in stock. Due to the downturn in the market, the brand lost $170.1 million in the first quarter and another $146.6 million in the 4th quarter of 2021.

However, this does not upset the owner of the company, Michael Saylor. He wrote on Twitter that he would buy all bitcoins at $25.

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Bitcoin could be an alternative to money Tesla has filed a quarterly report with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Among other things, it states that the company recognizes the potential of digital assets and does not exclude the possibility of investing in this market.“We believe in the prospects of digital assets in the long term, both as an investment and as a liquid alternative to cash“, the statement says. Read more

Luna Foundation Guard buys $1.5 billion worth of BTC – Now the stablecoin reserve fund is among the ten largest holders of BTC. According to the co-founder, by the end of the third quarter, Terra plans to increase the reserve to $10 billion. Now the fund has 3.5 billion Read more

Buffett on BTC: “I won’t buy it even if it’s $25” – According to the businessman, as an asset, bitcoin has no value. Its accumulation is meaningless. If agricultural land or real estate can be capitalized, for example, through rent, then cryptocurrency is practically useless in this sense. Read more

Craig Wright sues Coinbase and Kraken for selling ‘fake’ bitcoins“The only virtual asset that conforms to the original protocol is Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV). This is a genuine software implementation unlike Bitcoin Core” – says in the lawsuit. Read more

April for Bitcoin closed at 17.2% – Historically good month for Bitcoin, April – closed at -17.2%. The April candle opened at $45,510 and closed at $37,630. Data: https://cryptorank.io/price/bitcoin

Crypto and companies

Square Enix Sells Tomb Raider Franchise and Switches to Blockchain Games

He will invest the money received in the creation of NFT games.

Studio Square Enix is ​​the author of such cult brands as Tomb Raider and Deus Ex. But she decided to part with all projects in order to invest in blockchain and NFT-based games. The company plans to sell its copyrights and real estate, and send the proceeds to new projects.

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Coinbase notified the Russians about blocking accounts

Exchange says it supports EU anti-Russian sanctions

Some clients of the Coinbase exchange from the Russian Federation received a notification about upcoming blocking accounts. The company said that this is a necessary measure due to anti-Russian sanctions from the EU.

The letter states that the accounts will be blocked from May 31. Before this period, you need to withdraw all funds from your account.

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Crypto browser Opera before China will give away 15 million crypto-yuan to residents added support for BNB Chain

Integration will make it easier to work with popular DApps from the BNB Chain ecosystem

With the latest update, the Opera browser has integrated the BNB Chain blockchain. This means that users will be able to buy BNB tokens with fiat, send and receive them through the built-in Opera crypto wallet.

This is an important step in introducing browser users to Web3. It currently has about 380 million users.

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Dfinity accuses Meta of using a similar trademark — Dfinity filed a lawsuit against Meta Platforms Inc. The organization accuses the Zuckerberg Corporation of plagiarism. The Meta logo is similar to the Dfinity trademark, which the organization believes can be confusing. Read more

Algorand has become a partner of FIFA and will help to “digitize” the 2022 World Cup — Algorand has signed a FIFA sponsorship and partnership agreement. Recall that ahead of us is the World Cup. It will be held in Qatar in November and December 2022. Algorand will also be the official sponsor of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Read more

Wikipedia refuses donations in cryptocurrency — The non-profit organization Wikimedia has taken a strange decision on its Wikipedia project. They stop accepting any online donations in cryptocurrency. This was reported by Wikipedia author Molly White via Twitter. Read more

Some Gucci stores will be able to pay with cryptocurrency “High fashion brand Gucci sees the potential in Web 3 and is committed to realizing it. The company is launching a pilot project to integrate cryptocurrencies in some stores in the United States. So far, we are talking about only five outlets. Read more



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