The best algorithm of 2022 Elon Musk EA(ELM_EA)

Having a competent and well-developed trading system is a basic prerequisite for successful forex trading. That’s why the most cautious traders make a couple of trades a week, devoting themselves to reading “how to trade” books instead of installing a trading robot in their account and earning without wasting time. Yes, there are more and less effective robots, and many of them are no longer profitable because the developers have made a one-time product designed for 2-3 months of success. A pretty wrapper and nothing more.

The creators of Elon Musk EA have a completely different attitude to their work: the trading robot started its development more than 10 years ago, which of course shows the quality of the project.

The extraordinary ElonMuskEa

Elon Musk, after whom the trading robot is named, solves complex problems, taking into account the achievements of competitors. The work of this algorithm is based on the same principle. Scalping has been chosen as a basic strategy: short trades with small profits and impressive final profit. Thanks to its strategy, the loss of the account is excluded, which allows you to leave the algorithm without round-the-clock monitoring.
For successful testing and work with ELM_EA you need
-VPS server in London
-Choose a broker from the list of recommended (the list is quite big and everyone can find a broker for themselves there), but that’s okay, if you have not chosen a broker from the recommended list, you can work with any broker such as ECN/DMA. There are no restrictions from the author of the algorithm, only recommendations.

Please note: ElonMuskEa does not use Martingale, a popular strategy which leads to financial ruin, because the deposit runs out before the trend changes. The ELM_EA is a fully automated scalper trading strategy that takes into account the dynamics of price movements and calculates impulses as well as market volumes.

The robot has a lot of options and can be adjusted to work with any broker. Read more about it on the official website or on the forum

The downside of the medal

Any trading robot has disadvantages, Elon Musk EA is no exception. The cost of the product is above average:

Optimum variant $999(EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD)

However, there is a free Trial, where you can test the trading strategy in real time, and NOT on historical data (which not all offer). Additional costs are VPS, but they are quite budget-friendly. What is pleasant is that all the expenses are paid back rather quickly.


Elon Musk EA is a stably working trading robot with a correctly built strategy, but it is not a magician, although the profit volume is higher than that of similar ones. Do not forget that much depends on the correct choice of a broker and market conditions.
Before making a purchase, install a demo version, test it and make sure that the amount of loss when using a robot is comparable to the psychological size of the loss (risk) and that your personal trading strategy does not conflict with the robot’s trading system. In this case, the payback period of investment in Elon Musk EA will be minimal and forex trading will bring satisfaction.

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