Exchange settlements using the Gann method

Hello everyone! As promised this week, today I finished the Gann impulse analysis of the financial sector of our market on the eve of the impulse storm. Why do I think so? In my memory, it was only once that 4 impulses acted on any sector at once. 2 DOWN and 2 UP. And all 4 are powerful. According to all the rules of the earthly elements (and I refer the stock market to them), there should be big waves (in this case, price waves). Moreover, the alignment for April 18 in terms of impulses is as follows … from the opening, buy impulses will be in full strength, and village impulses – one in full, one of medium strength. By 1800 Moscow time. the layout will be reversed. The buy impulses will be one at full strength, the second will weaken to medium, and the village impulses will both be at full strength. Let’s hope that the auction will not be stopped. But not everything is as bad as it seems at first glance. The strength of both buy and sell impulses will weaken by the opening of the next day, and by the end of the week there will be only a small ripple on the horizon.Gann stock market settlement - the storm starts tomorrow.

Take a look at the screenshot of Sberbank shares at the end of Friday’s trading. Transaction volumes have dropped significantly. The price of shares, too, and consequently, the capitalization of the company itself has also decreased. Moving averages crossed even earlier, forming a “dead cross”. In general, as I wrote earlier, all the signs of a fall are evident. To clarify the future situation, I made a price calculation using the Gann method and plotted mirror levels (green dash-dotted line) and a powerful support level (solid green – 86 rubles per share) on the chart. Now it remains only to survive tomorrow and by the end of the week, having correctly assessed the current technical picture, proceed to the calculation of medium-term purchases of shares in the financial sector.

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