Exchange settlements according to the Gann method in our market today, April 15 – in anticipation of a powerful impulse DOWN next week, the market has already “reddened”.

Hello everyone! As you know, the stock section of the Moscow Exchange has been trading all this week according to the rules of the previous week. So, what did the Gann calculations show today, April 15, on our fund? Two weak daily UP impulses are interrupted by a DOWN impulse of medium strength in the sectors of gas production (Gazprom) and oil production (Lukoil, Rosneft, etc.) In the real estate sector (PIK), the strength of the UP impulse has also weakened to a minimum. In the financial sector (SBERA and VTB shares), two daily impulses both UP and DOWN continue to operate, but the intensity of the struggle between sellers and buyers is gradually subsiding (I think even the most hard-nosed have already understood everything), which is noticeable by a decrease in trading volume, and the price of shares of leading companies of this sector, on the eve of a powerful negative impulse, as I warned earlier, it is sliding down. Again, my recommendation for this stock is NO MEDIUM TERM BUYS in this sector. In any case, until the end of the second impulse DOWN, which will rage on the market on April 18. Also today, a very weak UP impulse is operating in the metallurgy sector (NLMK, Severstal, MMK), and in the coal mining sector (Raspadskaya, Mechel, Belon), here it is stronger. On foreign markets yesterday afternoon, during the action of the hourly impulse UP in the precious metals sector, two pre-announced buy deals in gold and silver were opened. Closed, of course, with a profit (otherwise, trading using the Gann method does not provide for, since protection against “wrong” transactions always works, and such transactions simply do not open). All screenshots from transactions with entry and exit points are analyzed in detail and posted on the telegram channel.
PS On April 17, and this Sunday, a powerful DOWN momentum in the financial sector will begin to operate, which may affect the entire market. Therefore, on this day off, I will conduct an impulse analysis and post the results in the form of an analytical article on the channel in the zen “Exchange settlements using the Gann method”. I do not think that everything will be completely bad and the market will be closed, as it happened at the end of February. Although all the signs of a further fall are evident, and the shares of the main companies of our stock market (blue chips) are already in the red zone.

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