An attempt to put what is happening with Russia in his own head

When something happens, I try to create some construction in my head that explains everything. So, I’m trying to work out my position. I am well aware that my position may be erroneous, since it is based on insufficient information. That is, it is obvious that when responsible persons make certain decisions, they rely on information that I do not have.

Let’s take such a thing as patriotic feelings. I, as a peace-loving, liberal, and enterprising person, used to have little understanding of why our country should flaunt its military equipment at parades. I would prefer that we strive to cultivate a sense of pride in our science and in our companies … My humble experience is that these values ​​are much more important for building a prosperous state.

When I saw similar wall graffiti:
An attempt to put what is happening with Russia in his own head

… I told my friends: "it would be better if our Russian entrepreneurs were glorified than to advertise the war".

On February 24, everything fell into place. Moreover, what is happening seems to have support among the majority of the electorate, which means that from the point of view of electoral logic, such graffiti and military parades fit into some logic.

But a little does not fit into my modest idea of ​​the welfare of the nation and its citizens. My experience tells me that in order for a nation to succeed, it must grow large private global multinational companies for decades …

Take such a simple business as selling furniture. IKEA started in Sweden in 1948. After 10 years, they went abroad (to Norway) and then, quietly working and developing, they spread all over the world. Now the company from small Sweden generates revenue of 42 billion euros from around the world.

Now imagine that a potential IKEA could grow in Russia. Maybe she’s just starting to grow…
For example, the same Tinkoff Bank or the PIK group had a chance to become global, to spread around the world in 10 years.

Now what?
No chance.
No chance for our talented entrepreneurs to go global while in Russia with Russian citizenship.

One of the best Russian entrepreneurs Oleg Tinkov in London.
Another talented entrepreneur, Mikhail Fridman, is also under sanctions in London.
Another talent and visionary, Yuri Milner, sold everything a long time ago and left for Silicon Valley, funding science in the United States.
Well, Pavel Durov generally soaked today, asking not to call him a Russian businessman, clarified that he had French citizenship.

Well, now we remember about the wall graffiti, and we get the answer.

Support for entrepreneurs and stable predictable rules of the game for business that ensures the well-being of the nation, and not here and now, but in the long term. And in the short term, such support does not bring binding benefits.

But the electorate gets what it wants – it satisfies its need to be part of a great empire with a grandiose past.
Well, as a result, we will live in poverty, but full of feelings of former greatness (unless, of course, we screw up).

And what scares me in this situation is that in case we screw up, the fastening risks are so great that no matter how the situation comes to an all-in…

ps Let me remind you that this is my humble attempt to create a mental structure, first of all, in my head, which explains what is happening.
An attempt with my limited mental capacity and with the limited information available to me.

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