A little over a month ago we launched smartlab premium. What have we been able to figure out?

On March 7, we launched a paid subscription to our smartlab premium analytics.
In general, they did a good job. I hope it gets even better and deeper.
For a month, so far only 1 subscriber was not satisfied, they returned the money to him.

Promotions and target prices:

👉Group Positive
👉Bank St. Petersburg


👉Iranian way for the stock market of Russia (tyts) – 10.03.22
Russian companies most likely to pay dividends (tyts) — 03/10/22
👉Detailed analysis of the situation in the ruble (tyts) – 12.03.22

👉Companies that will definitely not pay dividends (tyts) — 03/15/22

👉Is it worth buying physical gold (tyts) – 15.03.22
Estimated drawdown of the capital of Russian banks from the revaluation of bonds (tyts) — 03/22/22

👉List of companies that can win in this crisis (tyts) – 03/25/22

👉Double-circuit market on the example of China (tyts) – 03/28/22

👉Shares of non-residents in Russian issuers (tyts) — 03/25/22

👉Which companies are doing buyback now? (tyts) – 03/22/22

👉Shares of exports of Russian companies to unfriendly countries (tyts) – 04.04.22

👉Examples of bond portfolios to receive coupons every month (tyts) – 14.04.22

Also written 4 weekly notes with tactics.
5 paid videos have been uploaded, which are available to smartlab premium subscribers.


Announcements of all telegram posts go here: https://t.me/mozgovikresearch

Premium section on smartlab here: https://smart-lab.ru/allpremium/

The concept of our analysis: https://smart-lab.ru/finansoviy-slovar/mozgovik-research

Description of smartlab premium here


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